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eLabel Illustration

Before the eLabel shoot, David Ferrell and I scouted eLabel's studio space and building... I couldn't believe it... they had a space on the fourth or fifth floor... can't even remember... wasn't really important because once we hit the roof of the building, all bets were off... it was stunning... Downtown LA right in front of us, the 10 freeway right below us, the Fashion District behind us... the aesthetic was perfect...

David had this great idea about shooting a panorama from the rooftop, and doing it from pre-dawn to post-dusk, over the course of a single day. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and we did a test-shoot that day... it came out great...

Then, of course, not wanting to make it simple, David suggested we move the panorama slowly throughout the day to keep it interesting. "Ok, why not?" I thought. We worked out the steps forward and backward, made our calculations and decided to shoot a pano every two hours.

The intention was to use the panorama as a backdrop for an illustration for eLabel to use on their website, marketing, print, etc... The final site used a portion of the pano, but the entire piece, stitched together by Zack @ the collectiv came out insane. It needs to be cleaned up, but for what it is, its great.


Here's a link to the panorama in its entirety:

Rooftop Panorama

So, with the panorama in mind, an illustration wasn't far behind.

I had been thinking about the whole idea of eLabel's deconstruction methods of rebuilding its clothes. I like the idea. Eric and his minions go out, harvest forgotten cloth, restitch it, repurpose it and make it anew. I love it. I love the ethos and the love that goes into it... you can really feel it when you're holding one of his pieces... So with the idea of recycling and repurposing in mind, I roughed out an illustration for the site.


Here's a link to the complete illustration:

eLabel Illustration

Though it wasn't used, I think it was successful even for a brief moment. It wasn't what David and I had discussed exactly, and it needed to be beaten apart and put back together, but, unfortunately, I had a lot on my plate and had to let it go. Maybe I'll give it another go.


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