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Paint Party Deluxe

What's up, taco people? Thanks for coming over to our casa the other night... was super nice having everybody over. Thanks to everybody who put some paint on the canvas...special thanks to guest star "Spyder" for doing the canwork on the canvas. Which leads me to my next point.

Thanks to everybody for letting me paint over their work. Remember, people, its about process. Buff doctor is not only in the house, he lives there. Of course, had it turned out nice nice, buff doctor would be sellin' it for cash money American to pay for the next party. The next one we'll webcast the process and people can pay to have the painting stopped, at which point, I'll roll it up and mail it to them.


Early stage


Know when to hold 'em.


Know when to fold 'em.

Hey. Here's the best part: time lapse photography with some select tunes de la noche. Be sure to have your speakers on, or it'll be like eating a burrito with beans only. And no carne. Estupido move, especially when it's all dialed in for your enjoyment.

Here is my salsa bar of bandwidth/size options. Only with video. Not tomatoes.

Now eat:

Medium (540x400)

Large (720x768)

Deluxe Model (1024x768)

When you're all ready, I'm ready for Round 2.


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this is sweet! love the time lapse and musica!!! looks like a lot of fun!

the time lapse is slick status! let me know when you guys are gonna cruise again!

Most definitely; I'll get more people involved, take more shots, limit the pallete and set a theme... should be interesting...

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